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God Wants You to Know Him on a First-Name Basis

Dr. Elmer Towns

As a person, you are known by your given names in addition to your titles, such as parent, spouse and friend. The more you are and do, the more names and titles you have.

God, the creator of the universe, has facets to His nature that extend beyond our imaginations, and He has countless names to describe each of His attributes.

The Bible has more than 1,000 names, titles and metaphors for God: El Shadai, Shepherd, King, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are only a few of them. Each name and title of God represents one aspect of who He is.

Just as we learn more about a person when we become familiar with his or her characteristics, we learn more about God when we know His names which define His character.

Knowledge of who God is can transform the way we live and relate to Him.

Dr. Elmer L. Towns I prayed that I would be anointed to write a book through which readers could feel the presence of God. I believe God has answered my prayer, because I felt the presence of God as I wrote each of the 365 devotionals on the names of God for my devotional book 365 Ways to Know God. This book can be a guide for your heart, demonstrating God’s ability and willingness to answer your every hope and need from the boundless reservoirs of His love.

As you learn about God by discovering His many names, you will be transformed.

Each day you can reflect on one name of God, and you can nurture a deep, worshipful understanding of Him so that you can come to know Him on a first-name basis. Your daily prayers and devotional readings can be a dialogue between you and God. Your time with God can begin by prayerfully expressing your hopes and needs to Him, and then read on as God unveils the meaning of one of His many names and how He can remove your daily burdens.

If you reflect on one name of God for every day of the year, you will nurture a deep, worshipful understanding of Him so that you can come to know Him on a first-name basis.

To get started, Click here for a free instant PDF download sample of 8-days of devotional readings from 365 Ways to Know God. This free sample also includes all seven appendices listing over 1,000 names of God along with the Bible references for each name.

If you would like to receive a free email each morning with a daily prayer combined with a devotional on a new name for God each day, subscribe to Prime Time With God, Click Here.

Get to know God on a first-name basis, starting today…

Want to Follow Jesus?

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Dr. Elmer L. Towns is Vice President of Liberty University, which he co-founded in 1971 with Dr. Jerry Falwell. Dr. Towns has been a popular Sunday school teacher and college and seminary professor for decades. He is well-remembered for his roles as Sunday school teacher at Thomas Road Baptist Church and professor at Liberty University, where his students have always been fond of his personable teaching style, full of wit and wisdom. He is a Gold Medallion Award-winning author of the Christian Bookseller Association’s (CBA) 1995 Book of the Year, The Names of the Holy Spirit. Ten of his more than 100 books are listed as Christian best sellers and several are adopted as college textbooks. While he has earned many academic and professional titles, Dr. Town’s most prized titles are husband, father, grandfather…and child of God the Father.

PrimeTime_header_600w Sign up for the free daily devotional email, PRIME TIME WITH GOD to receive one of the 365 Ways to Know God devotionals each day by email. Each email includes a prayer, a Scripture verse, a devotional reading, and Scripture references for going deeper, as well as links to other resources to encourage you in your Christian life. Each Scripture reference is linked to the full text of Scripture online for ease in finding Bible passages related to the daily devotional reading, and where you can easily choose to read the passage with your favorite Bible translation. The daily devotions are delivered by email each morning for your convenience.




365 Ways to Know God: Devotional Readings on the Names of God is available in a hardcover edition and as an eBook instant PDF download for reading in your personal devotional times, or read it with your family or with a group of friends…or offer it as a gift for someone else to encourage them to get to know God on a first-name basis.









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