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Bill Greig III and wife Rhonni’s new innovative publishing company offers a new way forward and is bringing industry attention and acclaim.

Bill Greig, former president of Gospel Light, and his wife, Rhonni, have embarked upon a new venture to see technology and social media combined with the truths of the gospel. It’s a vision very much in line with Henrietta Mears, the founder of Gospel Light.

Christine Johnson at spotlighted the new business and sees a bright future for the company. She noted how the Greigs have built on the strong reputation of the Church Growth Institute (CGI), a publishing company based in Forest, Virginia, in the Lynchburg metro area and founded by Larry Gilbert.

Rhonni & Bill Greig
Rhonni & Bill Greig has built on CGI’s strong mission and position in an important market niche, their foundational biblical resources used by thousands of churches, a value proposition that allows customers to choose between “free” and “premium” resources, more than 5 million users of the “Team Ministry” Spiritual Gifts Inventory, a leading web domain and a profitable e-commerce store. The Greigs have added a new trade strategy and distribution through Advocate Publisher Solutions at Send The Light Distribution. is turning heads in the publishing industry. publishes the top Spiritual Gifts Inventory available, and we are delighted to see it finally available for retailers to access and offer to their customers,” said Darren Henry, president of Advocate Distribution Solutions, a division of Send The Light Distribution. “Bill and his team are doubtlessly going to build upon its already incredible success and introduce new products that will help Christians everywhere gain insight and growth in their church and spiritual lives. Send The Light is proud to offer these items!”

Retailers can find more information at

Going forward, the primary trade strategy for the relaunch is to update the best-selling “Team Ministry” spiritual-gift resource line with expanded editions and formats that work best in bookstores. Five new products in the line are expected to ship in December with a Jan. 1, 2015, publication date.

The future looks bright for the relaunch.


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