What Is a Personal Testimony?

Dr. Larry Gilbert

Every Christian has a personal testimony of what God has done for them.

One testimony may not be as dramatic as another, but all Christians have a personal testimony.

Besides your salvation experience, your testimony may include what God has done for you since you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Each of us can tell of special occasions when God has answered a prayer, met a need or brought us through a difficult time. We may tell of how God has changed our lives.

Your testimony could include your renewed commitment to Christ. It is not only about your salvation experience.

You might want to tell others about what happened when you really got serious and decided to do things God’s way or when you started letting His Word become your guide for daily living.

You may not think you are really giving a testimony because what you are saying is not “spiritual enough.”

You may believe that you must be filled with emotion and use just the right words coming from the pages of Scripture to be giving a testimony. But this is not so.

In fact, sometimes we make our testimonies so spiritual and scriptural that our Christian language does not relate to our friend who doesn’t know Christ.

Remember, your friend may not have been going to church for years and may have a totally different vocabulary. Being too spiritual can scare them off.

In any case, let the Holy Spirit guide you to share whatever you feel will demonstrate the love and grace of God. Tell your friend why you have faith in God.

That is your personal testimony.

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  • Thanks for this article. I’ve listened to people’s testimonies and how God has delivered them from drugs, alcohol & all kinds of other burdens. I’ve often heard these testimonies and compare them to mind & feel like my testimony is not worthy of sharing because I didn’t have the struggles that they went through. I know I was a sinner separated from God and needed the saving grace of Jesus Christ, but often thought because my testimony was not as dramatic as others I thought & wondered if my salvation experience was authentic & worthy of sharing. I know since I put my trust in Jesus Christ he has worked in my life in the way that I live and has a been a guiding light to lead me down a path that wants to know & follow him. Thanks, Mickey Box

    • I understand what you are saying, and have heard others express that sentiment. But Praise God that you did not go through all those struggles! What a wonderful testimony of having faith to trust God and follow Jesus…without having had to go through those trials to bring you to that point. Yours is a testimony, as you said, of how Jesus Christ has worked in your life in the way you live and how He has been your guiding light. May God bless you as you serve Him and share of His goodness to you.

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