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I discovered my spiritual gifts…now what?

I discovered my spiritual gifts…now what?

Once you have identified your dominant spiritual gift(s), begin to discover and understand how that gift relates to your life, other people’s lives, the local church, and the body of Christ as a whole. Some ways to do this include:

  • exercising your gift
  • paying attention to how your gift might affect your vocation
  • paying attention to how other people’s gifts are evident in their lives
  • studying about gifts (using your Bible, prayer, Christian books such as the Team Ministry series)
  • looking for how the different gifts relate or fit into everyday life and ministry
  • becoming aware of ministry opportunities and considering how your gift might play a role
  • reviewing the eight reasons* why every Christian should know their spiritual gift and applying them to yourself.

By better understanding and exercising your gift(s), you will begin to fulfill God’s purpose for you. Be a good steward of the gifts and responsibilities God has entrusted to you. Remember to press forward to do what God has gifted and called you to do. Don’t let someone else’s expectations of you stand in the way of God’s best for you.

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*To find the eight reasons why every Christian should know their spiritual gift, see previous article or the related chapter in the books Team Ministry: Gifted to Serve (for pastors/leaders) and Your Gifts: Discover God’s Unique Design for You (for individuals/small groups) by Larry Gilbert. In addition, ChurchGrowth.org published downloadable books on God’s Unique Design for each one of the nine Team gifts and surveys for gifts discovery: Your Gifts Spiritual Gifts Survey (adults), Your Gifts for Teens: Spiritual Gifts Survey, and Your Gifts for Children: Spiritual Gifts Adventure. Get the complete Team Ministry Your Gifts Sample Review Package here.

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  • Rip-off! This “article” says nothing. It’s just a blurb to lead you to a book ad. I am very offended.

    • We appreciate your input and are sorry you feel that way. Please look again. The article is brief, but it does list steps to take to begin using and developing your gift further. The free articles provided by ChurchGrowth.org offer tidbits to help in Christian growth and living. Deeper studies are available through the Team Ministry spiritual gifts series of materials.

  • I like the article. Since I’ve already know my dominant Spiritual gifts, I find this article was very helpful to me.

  • Yes I want to know the next step of knowing what is after knowing that I have gifts. This would be a great opportunity for me in the long run of my life.

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