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Team Ministry: Spiritual Gifts Can Unleash the Power of Every Person

Team Ministry: Gifted to Serve is the perfect companion for pastors, teachers and group leaders who want to teach their people about spiritual gifts and encourage them to get into ministry in their church, homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

In this book we’ve taken the best Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts resources and combined them into a single volume. This powerful and practical tool includes…

  • An all-in-one handbook for implementing the best-selling spiritual gifts survey in your church or group
  • Ways to help your members use their spiritual gifts to grow your church
  • Methods for developing volunteers and leaders in your church
  • Questions and tools for teaching the nine team spiritual gifts in a small group or Sunday school setting
  • Tools to help pastors and church leaders activate members’ gifts

Team Ministry: Gifted to Serve is a practical guide and the perfect companion for pastors, teachers and group leaders.

Lead your members to discover and activate their God-given gifts in their daily lives and through the ministry of the church. Teach them what a spiritual gift is, go deeper into the meaning and use of spiritual gifts, and show them how they can use their gifts. Go ahead and unleash the power of your team, through the gifts God has given.

Look at each of the nine spiritual gifts found in The Bible which are used in team ministry. These nine gifts are the team or task-oriented gifts for use in daily life and ministry. Discover which spiritual gifts God has given to you and find ways to implement your specific gifts, including:

Some of the best material ever written on spiritual gifts. ELMER TOWNS, Cofounder of Liberty University

A practical tool for mobilizing God’s people. RICHARD LEE, There’s Hope America

This practical guide for pastors, teachers and group leaders was edited, updated and adapted from the original How to Find Meaning and Fulfillment through Understanding the Spiritual Gifts within You and other Team Ministry leader’s material to produce one powerful handbook of the best Team Ministry resources.

Includes: 224-page ebook in PDF format

ISBN: 9781570523335

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