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Do You Have the Spiritual Gift of Prophecy?


Dr. Larry Gilbert

Most people think of a Prophet as someone God uses as a foreteller, such as the Prophets of the Old Testament. Today’s New Testament Prophet is a forthteller, one who tells or “speaks forth” the mind of God: boldly preaching, speaking, and teaching God’s Word.

The Greek word prophétés means “a prophet, poet; a person gifted at expositing divine truth.” While the Prophet who is called to preach tends to focus on pointing out sin and explaining what is wrong, this gift goes beyond the call to expose other people’s sin and teach the truths of God’s Word, to actually doing something in daily life to use the gift—to expose injustice and expound the truth, and to lead people to make changes that are biblically based. As the prophet “tells forth” God’s Word, knowing what God’s Word teaches and expects of us, the prophet also leads others to make a difference in today’s society and world.

If you are a Prophet, you have the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God by boldly and fearlessly proclaiming God’s truth.


People will view the Prophet’s ministry with an open mind or a closed mind.

Open-minded people will accept the Prophet’s teaching. They may become very uncomfortable sitting under a Prophet’s preaching because the truth can hurt, but they are willing to do something about it. The next time the preacher preaches, these people come back listening.

Close-minded people will rebel or reject the Prophet’s message. I’ve seen some people get so mad about what is preached, they become red in the face. These people will never grow as long as they are not willing to listen, learn, and change.

The bluntness of the Prophet’s message will stir some people to take action and others to get mad. Prophets may find it difficult to pastor a church for any length of time unless they are able to temper the message with a loving spirit and possibly have the gift of Shepherding as well as Prophecy.

One of the biggest challenges for Prophets is to keep a spirit of love. When Prophets keep tender, loving hearts, they will be blessings to their homes, their churches, and to individual believers, making a real impact on their spirituality. In order to do this, Prophets must always “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).

When Prophets keep tender, loving hearts, they will be blessings to their homes, their churches, and to individual believers, making a real impact on their spirituality.


If you are a Prophet, you have the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God by boldly and fearlessly proclaiming God’s truth.

You are the person with discernment and have the goal of making people aware of sin in their lives so they will repent. You have the ability to easily spot what is wrong and often have to look to find something right. Your concern over the sinful condition of your loved ones, church family, community drives you to pray, and sometimes weep, over them. Because of this, you take every opportunity to share the message of God’s Word.

You are a person with a strong sense of duty who speaks out publicly about wrongdoing in any environment, whether home, church, school or community. You will stand up for what is right as well as speak for those who are wronged.

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