Your Gift: Evangelism, Discover God’s Unique Design for Your Spiritual Gift, eBook Instant PDF Download

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You are thrilled when someone gives their life to Jesus Christ.

You take advantage of every opportunity to share the Gospel with others…and maybe you’ve discovered that your dominant spiritual gift is the gift of evangelism.

What now? Use this book to learn more about what the Bible says regarding evangelism, and…

  • gain a better understanding of your role in the body of Christ,
  • discover ways to sharpen your skills,
  • find ideas for using your gift,
  • and even receive a 2-year plan for thinking like an evangelist.

Topics also include:

  • What Is Evangelism?
  • Identifying Your Gift of Evangelism,
  • Leading a Person to Christ,
  • Equipping Yourself for Evangelism,
  • Finding and Qualifying Prospects for Evangelism,
  • Visiting Prospects in Their Homes or in the Hospital,
  • Using Literature in Evangelism,
  • Finding Your Place on the Ministry Team,
  • and Scripture on Evangelism.

Eight chapters and two appendixes to help you develop and use your gift of evangelism.

Includes: 71-page ebook in PDF format delivered as a download. You may save and view this PDF book on your computer, smart phone, tablet, e-reader or other electronic devices. You may also print all or portions of this PDF book for your personal use. This PDF book is copyrighted and should not be provided to other people.

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