YOUR GIFTS Team Edition: Online Spiritual Gifts Survey UNLIMITED Group Database RENEWAL

$ 149.99 / year

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Your Whole Group Can Discover Their Spiritual Gifts

UNLIMITED Number of People ($5 Value per Person)

Online and Easy to Use

Imagine knowing ALL of the Spiritual Gifts that God has placed in your church, school or group

Easy to Administer and Grow

Take your online Spiritual Gifts Survey and see how it works, CLICK HERE

Purchase this RENEWAL if you are currently using the Online Your Gifts Team Edition Group Database and you wish to renew your subscription.

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Order this item if you currently are using the Spiritual Gifts Analysis Group Database and wish to renew your Subscription

Help Everyone Discover and Use Their God-Given Gifts

Unlimited online Spiritual Gifts Surveys for Everyone in your church, class, organization or group

Every member of your church or group can take the Spiritual Gifts Survey online—receive their results immediately— and we’ll save the results in your group database so you can view them online or download the information for evaluation, ministry placement, counseling, planning, and discipleship purposes.

Take your online Spiritual Gifts Survey and see how it works, CLICK HERE

Each group receives a website URL address that must be used in order to collect and save the information in the database. If your church has a web site, you may link directly to your own group database by using your unique URL. Instructions will be provided by email upon your subscribing to this database service. User friendly instructions are provided online.

Special Features…

  • Unlimited Online Spiritual Gifts Surveys

  • Keep track of results from printed and online Spiritual Gifts Surveys.

  • Print personalized results for each individual in your group.

  • View chart of dominant gifts of group members.

  • View, copy, paste and print gift descriptions.

  • View your whole group and see all member survey results online; sort by name, top three spiritual gifts, date added, and more.

  • Manage/Edit/Update records in your database.

  • Receive an Email with each person’s results as they complete their Spiritual Gifts Survey online.

  • Download all data in MS-Excel or a CSV spreadsheet for deeper analysis as well as to upload information to other spreadsheets and databases.

  • Keep track of information such as address, phone number and birthdate.

  • Send personalized confirmation Emails to group members once they complete their survey online.

  • Surveys and database can be used anytime and everywhere you have an Internet connection with any computer, tablet, smartphone or other web-enabled device.

  • Includes Google Translate for the top 50 languages so your people can select which language they prefer.
  • And much more…

When you place your Subscription Renewal Order by clicking on the “Sign Up Now” button above you will immediately receive your Receipt by email. This will be followed within a few hours with an email of instructions for accessing and using your Database, including your unique URL which you will use to invite your people to take their Online Spiritual Gifts Survey in your Database. Additional user friendly instructions are also provided in your Database online.

ISBN: 9781570521973

If you want to upgrade from a Spiritual Gifts Survey Group Database to a Personal Ministry Finder Group Database, or vice versa, the additional cost is minimal and will be prorated if you upgrade during your subscription year. Contact us to upgrade at [email protected] or call us at ​1-800-553-4769 or 1-434-525-0022


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