TEAM Evangelism: Everyday Evangelism for Everyday People, Leader’s Package Instant eBook PDF and Audio Downloads REPRODUCIBLE (HALF PRICE, $120 value)

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Dr. Larry Gilbert

Practical Steps for Helping Others – even those who are not gifted evangelists – Share Their Faith

Provide for each person in your group:


Practical Steps for Helping Others Share Their Faith

TEAM Evangelism works for the 90 percent of Christians who do not have the gift of evangelism, as well as the 10 percent who do.

When it comes to outreach, some Christians are wary of approaching strangers or even friends with the Gospel.

TEAM Evangelism provides a no-guilt, no-pressing-for-decision, non-confrontational strategy that shows how to influence your loved ones for Christ. It builds in accountability while allowing everyone to be themselves, using their individual personalities and God-given spiritual gifts in the evangelism process. There is a place for everyone and a role for every gift!

TEAM Evangelism is based on the TEAM philosophy of ministry — letting people serve where they are best suited. It incorporates biblical principles, acknowledging the “laws of 7 touches and 3 hearings” and includes prayer as an integral part of the process. TEAM Evangelism will get your members involved in reaching people for Christ in everyday ways with which they are comfortable. As they realize how simple and easy it is, and how it fits their own gifts, it will become a part of their lives.

This TEAM Evangelism Leader’s Package is user friendly and designed for the average layperson to understand. You will be able to train confrontational and nonconfrontational personalities together for an effective evangelistic ministry…bringing people closer to Christ one step at a time.

TEAM Evangelism can be presented as an 8 session study…

  1. Understanding the Task: The Great Commission and TEAM Evangelism
  2. Understanding the Method: Different Spiritual Gifts, Different Evangelism Methods
  3. Understanding the Tools: God Provides All Spiritual Gifts to Meet All Needs
  4. The Principle of the Extended Church: Reach Our Family and Friends
  5. The Principle of Prayer: How to Pray
  6. The Principle of Stair-Stepping: People come to Christ one Step at a time
  7. The Principle of Bonding: People should be bonded to Christ and His Church
  8. The Principle of Readiness: A witness is always ready to influence people for Christ

TEAM Evangelism Leaders Package Includes

  • Leaders Guide Part 1: Teacher’s Manual, 89 pages, see the table of contents shown in the images above…which includes the 20-page Student Workbook, make a copy for each student in your group for note taking
  • Leaders Guide Part 2: Implementation Manual, 96 pages, see the table of contents shown in the images above
  • TEAM Evangelism Audio Seminar, 54 Audio Tracks, 3.25 hour audio seminar, Listen Online or Download
  • TEAM Evangelism: TEAM Mate Personal Ministry Planner 51-page eBook PDF
    • Included with your purchase of this TEAM Evangelism Leader’s Package is an Unlimited Church License which allows you to email this 51-page eBook PDF for FREE to everyone in your church or group, a $4 value per person.

Provide for each person in your group:


“TEAM Evangelism is one of the most thorough products I’ve ever seen that equips both the unfamiliar and the accomplished evangelist. Practical and creative ideas and implementation of easy-to-follow concepts helps remove any apprehension of sharing one’s faith. This effective tool will bring fruit to any individual or church when the simple principles are followed.”
Dr. John Maxwell, Injoy Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia

“Nothing lies closer to the heart of our God than our worship of Him. Next, I believe, is His desire for all of His people to share their faith in witness. TEAM Evangelism is a most significant tool to assist us both in our worship experience and in our evangelism outreach. I am happy to commend this creative, biblically based material for churches and groups willing and eager to obey the Spirit of God in responding to the evangelistic mandate of our Lord.” The late Dr. Ted W. Engstrom, President Emeritus, World Vision, Monrovia, CA

TEAM Evangelism is two eBook Instant PDF Downloads which contain a total of  185 pages. After purchase, you will receive an email with link to download two PDF files, 3.5MB and 2.9 MB. A separate link will be emailed to you for the TEAM Evangelism Audio Files which you can listen to online and/or download, an additional 399 MB.

Those who purchase TEAM Evangelism may save, store and read the eBook PDF’s as well as listen to the audio tracks on any computer, tablet, smartphone or eReader. All files may be shared and stored within your ministry.

We ask that purchasers do not distribute or share these files beyond the ministry of the purchaser. Any person outside of your church or ministry who desires TEAM Evangelism for their church or ministry should be directed to this page to purchase their own copy of TEAM Evangelism.

ISBN: 9781570522376


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