God Is Able Stewardship Campaign, Instant Download eBook PDF and Audio Files ($80 Value)

$ 19.99

Elmer Towns and John Maxwell


A complete stewardship campaign to help every member realize that God is able to meet their needs.

Teaches everyone to become better stewards of their lives as well as their finances.

When Christians manage their finances properly, they will tithe to God.

Plan a stewardship campaign and encourage a faith promise commitment.


  • step-by-step planning and promotional materials,
  • four lessons and four sermon outlines,

The God Is Able Stewardship Campaign eBook Instant PDF Download contains 76 pages. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download this 10.2 MB PDF file.  A separate link will be emailed to you for download of the six God is Able Audio Files, an additional 193 MB.

Those who purchase this God Is Able Stewardship Campaign eBook Instant PDF Download may save, store and read the eBook PDF as well as listen to the 6 audio tracks on any computer, tablet, smartphone or eReader. All files may be shared and stored within your ministry.

We ask that purchasers do not distribute or share these files beyond the ministry of the purchaser.

Any person desiring God Is Able Stewardship Campaign for their church or ministry should be directed to this page to purchase their own copy.

Here are two articles excerpted from God is Able…

ISBN: 9780941005111


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