A Holidays Campaign: Making Holidays into Holy Days from Thanksgiving to the New Year, Instant Download eBook PDF and Audio Files ($60 value)

$ 9.99

Dr. Lindsay Terry


A Holidays Campaign is a special four-week to six-week church campaign to celebrate the holidays, reach your community for Christ and boost attendance in your church.

You can start on the Sunday before or after Thanksgiving, and end with the Sunday before or after New Year’s Day.


  • Planning Guide and Calendar
  • Plans for six special Sundays around the holidays.
  • Sunday School lessons
  • Home Devotionals
  • Follow-up plan
  • Promotional ideas with designs
  • Artwork and promotional materials
  • Audio recording files of instructions and lessons
  • Everything is reproducible and can be shared throughout your ministry

All in this 103 page eBook Instant PDF Download, a 1.3 MB File which you can print and share within your ministry on any computer, tablet and smartphone.

When you purchase this eBook Instant PDF Download, you will immediately receive a link to download the PDF file and a second link to download the audio recording files.

After purchase, a separate link will be emailed to you to listen online or to download three A Holidays Campaign Audio Files, an additional 140 MB, which include…

  • Instructions and Suggestions
  • Sample Sermons and Lessons on…
    • Gratitude
    • My Relationship to the Bible
    • Routine Faithfulness
    • Christian Leadership
    • The Birth of Christ
    • If I Could Relive the Past Year

ISBN: 9781570521720, 531


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