Closing The Back Door Audio Seminar: How to Stop the Exodus of Members from Your Church, eBook Instant PDF and Audio Track Downloads ($60 value)

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This dynamic seminar looks at proven ways churches are keeping members and attendees active and happy, without compromise…preventing them from slipping out the back door.

Most every church loses people by transfer or inactivity.

In this audio seminar, you will hear very practical descriptions of how churches are successfully reaching their communities and keeping their members active.

And you will learn how to do the same.

Includes Dr. Thom Rainer’s compelling seminar on audio (approximately 4 hours) and 18 page Seminar Participant Guide.

The 18 page Seminar Participant Guide is an eBook Instant PDF Download which you can print and make copies for each seminar participant for note taking.

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to click to download the Closing the Back Door Seminar Participant Guide eBook Instant PDF Download, a 1.8 MB PDF file, as well as a second email with a link to click to download the Closing the Back Door Audio Seminar tracks for the 4-hour seminar, a 620 MB folder containing the audio tracks. You can listen to the audio tracks online and/or download the audio tracks to any device you may desire.

ISBN: 9781570522420, 382C


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