The Seven Checkpoints for Student Leaders: Seven Principles Every Teenager Needs to Know

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Andy Stanley, Stuart Hall and Louie Giglio

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The Seven Checkpoints for Student Leaders is more than a book; it is a ministry plan.

It goes far beyond the “how to” of youth ministry and provides youth ministers, youth workers and parents with the content that students need to equip them for life beyond youth group.

The material in this book and the companion book The Seven Checkpoints Student Journal reveals what Andy Stanley calls “the irreducible minimum”–the essential principles upon which an entire youth ministry can be built.

The authors offer some unorthodox but very sensible approaches to planning and maintaining a youth group over a long period of time with a specific goal in mind.

The book outlines a strategy for effectively teaching students over the course of their time in school, and this new updated edition is what every leader needs to keep up with the ever-changing challenges students face.

Identifies seven “checkpoints” that are the most important and critical issues facing teens:

1. Authentic Faith
2. Spiritual Disciplines
3. Moral Boundaries (this section deals primarily with issues of sexual purity and dating)
4. Healthy Friendships
5. Wise Choices
6. Ultimate Authority
7. Others First

Practical application, biblical principles and realistic approaches for facing modern challenges.

For busy youth leaders that will make an impact for eternity.

ISBN: 9781439189337


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