The Life of Jesus: His Life, Death, Resurrection and Ministry, A Study of The Gospels

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Henrietta Mears

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What the Bible is All About, which includes portions of this book, is available in these editions: KJV, NIV and for Kids

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The Story of Salvation…

With Dr. Mears as teacher and mentor, readers will study the four accounts of Jesus Christ’s life and ministry: the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Gain a big-picture understanding of key events…

  • Jesus’ miraculous birth,
  • His ministry,
  • His teachings,
  • and His crucifixion and resurrection

Also see how each Gospel evangelist chose to emphasize particular themes for his reading audience.

Twelve sessions of study give readers an opportunity to examine Jesus’ life in depth, whether on their own or with a group, and discussion/reflection questions invite groups or individuals to go even deeper.

Plus, Dr. Mears’ signature approach to the sweeping biblical narrative is to focus on Christ, so readers will also come to understand how even the earliest events of Scripture point forward to Jesus and His faithfulness to us today.

What the Bible Is All About Study Guides for small group and individual study give readers the big picture of God’s plan of the ages and show how Jesus is revealed on every page of The Bible.

Each session includes questions for discussion or personal consideration, ideal for group or individual study, as well as journaling space for deeper reflection.

Through 12 sessions of study, they offer trustworthy, proven biblical content, including…

  • weekly reading plan,
  • questions for group or individual reflection,
  • a helpful outline for group leaders who are planning discussion time
  • background commentary,
  • lesson aims for groups,
  • leader’s guide and tips,
  • and much more.

What the Bible Is All About, written by Dr. Henrietta Mears, has been trusted by four generations of believers as their guide to growing in God’s Word. This all-new study series, based on Dr. Mears’s best-selling Bible Handbook, is your invitation to explore the smaller stories that make up God’s sweeping salvation narrative and to understand how each book of the Bible points to Jesus Christ.

For personal and group study.

HENRIETTA C. MEARS was one of the great Bible teachers of the 20th century. While Christian Education Director at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, she built one of the largest Sunday Schools in the world and wrote curriculum that was in such high demand that to publish it, she founded Gospel Light in 1933. Such notable Christian leaders as Richard C. Halverson, Luis Evans, Jr. and Bill Bright were among her students. Billy Graham said of Dr. Mears, “Her enthusiasm for the Lord Jesus Christ was contagious.”Miss Mears went home to be with her Lord and Savior on March 20, 1963.

  • Series: What the Bible Is All About Bible Study Series
  • Paperback: 176 pages
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What the Bible is All About, which includes portions of this book, is available in these editions: KJV, NIV and for Kids

See all books by Henrietta Mears, CLICK HERE


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