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Dr. Rodney Dean and Mrs. Nancy Dean

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Increased Intimacy or Emotional Isolation…which will you choose?

Developing good communication skills is a lifetime journey. The reward for developing and fine-tuning these skills is increased intimacy. The cost of neglecting these essential skills is emotional isolation.

“This communication assessment has helped many of our couples in counseling to open up and discuss their communication strengths and weaknesses.”
Dr. Rodney & Mrs. Nancy Dean

An excellent resource for couples who desire a more intimate, fulfilling relationship with one another and aren’t afraid to ask “How Healthy Is Our Communication?”

Designed for personal use by couples, for groups of couples and as a resource for pastoral and professional counseling.

The Marriage Communication Survey helps couples look at their communication skills and allows each one to evaluate their own view and their spouse’s view of each other as communicators. A real eye-opener and starting point to better understanding ourselves…and our spouses.

Marriage Communication Survey: How Healthy is Our Communication?

Use this survey to identify key marriage communication issues and start to…
• Improve communication effectiveness
• Improve the overall health of your marriage
• Listen with interest
• Identify and verbalize personal feelings
• Maintain a good mood that allows communication
• Display effective conflict resolution skills
• Use body language that encourages communication
• Verbalize affirmation and affection
• Allow differences and individual strengths to balance rather than divide

Examine yourself and your spouse in light of 8 key communication skills:
1. Identifying and verbalizing your feelings
2. Asking for wants and needs
3. Listening and willing to enter each other’s world with genuine interest
4. Understanding the moods of your spouse
5. Managing and resolving conflict appropriately
6. Reading “meta” communication (unspoken body language)
7. Verbalizing affirmation and affection
8. Communicating with acceptance and validating your spouse’s differing values, ideas, opinions and interest, without insisting on conformity to your own

Designed for use by all couples, individually or in groups, including pre-marriage, marriage classes and during counseling

Includes: Questionnaire and two 2-part self-scoring answer sheets (one for each spouse).

Dr. Rodney J. Dean was a psychotherapist and chaplain at Canyon Springs Psychiatric Hospital in Palm Springs, California. He completed graduate studies related to Marriage, Family and Child Counseling at Azusa Pacific University and holds a D.Min. from Fuller Theological Seminary. He previously ministered for 24 years in the pastorate and served 11 years in the US Navy Aviation Division.

Mrs. Nancy Dean is a family psychotherapist and directed the Canyon Christian Treatment Center. She holds an M.A. in counseling. In addition to serving as a pastor’s wife, Nancy taught as a learning disability specialist for 20 years and has worked in churches directing pageants, small group studies and working in children’s ministries. The Deans have a successful 50+ year marriage and three grown children who actively serve the Lord.

ISBN:9781570521805, 401R

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