Fasting for a Miracle: How God’s Power can Overcome the Impossible

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How God’s Power Can Overcome the Impossible

The fastest way to extreme breakthrough. Why fast? Because fasting builds extreme faith, and believers need extreme faith to overcome the impossible. In Fasting for a Miracle, bestselling author Elmer Towns shows readers that God often partners with His people to do the impossible through the spiritual disciple of fasting. When believers obey God’s Word and fast, the Spirit grows their faith, fulfills God’s promises, and moves in miraculous ways. Readers will discover the seven different types of miracles and find incredible true stories of fasting miracles–like the man who should be dead but still lives, the financial crisis that was overcome, and the miraculous peace that invaded chaotic circumstances. Plus, Towns offers practical guidance for how to fast wisely and biblically.[expand title=”Read more »” swaptitle=”Read less «”]

Author Bio:

Elmer L. Towns is Vice President and Co-Founder of Liberty University, which he cofounded in 1971 with Jerry Falwell.

ISBN: 9780764215971



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