The Church Check-Up Manual: Staff and Member Surveys for Transforming Your Ministries, eBook Instant PDF Download ($40 value)

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Elizabeth W. Crisci


Transform your ministries and experience growth through evaluation.

The Church CheckUp Manual provides a wealth of staff and member surveys for evaluating and fine-tuning your ministries.

Evaluation will help keep your ministry fresh rather than allowing it to become stagnant.

It is a means of checking programs, workers, future and current plans to see how they are working or will work for God’s glory.

The goal of this manual is to promote a healthy church through self-examination, surveying people’s thoughts, and assessing the anonymous responses.

Done correctly, this will result in the people of the church better understanding themselves with a deeper appreciation of what is being done for them through the leadership, encouraging and a closer walk with God.

10 Chapters, Each Including Relevant Surveys:

  1. Evaluation on a Personal Level,
  2. Staff Evaluation,
  3. Church Members Evaluation,
  4. Christian Education Workers Evaluation,
  5. Youth Workers Evaluation,
  6. Young People Evaluation,
  7. Outreach Workers Evaluation,
  8. Worship Leaders Evaluation,
  9. Choir Members Evaluation,
  10. Evaluation of the Evaluation System.

167-page reproducible manual with surveys. Includes permission to personalize and reproduce within the purchaser’s church.

About the Author: Elizabeth Whitney Crisci is a published author, teacher, pastor’s wife, and mother. She has taught Christian education seminars, pastors’ wives workshops, and adult education courses in the church and school setting, in addition to teaching kindergartners in a private school for seven years and serving as a substitute teacher for three years. She holds a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Gordon College.

ISBN: 9781570523687


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