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Dr. Larry Gilbert

  • $200 value, only $79.99
  • Kit includes 10 copies of the Spiritual Gifts Inventory—a $50 value—so you get everything else for only $30 more
  • Reproducible materials are on CD in PDF format, including Participant Guide ($10 value)
  • Help Others Discover Their Spiritual Gifts
  • Get Your Team Serving in Their Place of Gifting
  • Everything You Need to Teach and Implement Spiritual Gifts Based Team Ministry
  • Provide one Spiritual Gifts Inventory and one Participant Guide for each person in your group

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The Team Ministry Facilitator’s Resource Kit – Reproducible – for the leader who wants to teach and implement spiritual-gifts-based Team Ministry.

Your ministry will thrive when you help every member of your group discover and activate their unique God-given spiritual gifts. Your team will grow as every member finds meaning and fulfillment in becoming who God created them to be. Kit includes Facilitator’s Tips, PowerPoint Presentation, Seminar on DVD, and more.

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The Team Ministry Facilitator’s Resource Kit has everything you need to teach and implement spiritual-gifts-based Team Ministry in your church. Use it to help your members identify and understand their individual spiritual gifts as well as discover how God has equipped them for ministry in their daily lives and in your local church! No more will anyone begrudgingly serve in a position out of pressure or guilt. Instead each person will realize where they fit best and will serve in positions that utilize their own God-given gifts and abilities. They will be happier and more productive — and your ministry will thrive as each member exercises his or her own gift!

Topics include:

  • Why every Christian should know their spiritual gift
  • What is a spiritual gift?
  • Spiritual gifts and their relationship to God’s will and to the believer
  • Team Ministry, the gift of evangelism and its relationship to evangelism
  • Abusing the team gifts
  • How to discover your spiritual gift
  • The team gifts
  • Witnessing styles associated with nine different spiritual gifts
  • The enabling gifts
  • Why God gave us His church and His Book
  • Spiritual gifts and the Trinity
  • Spiritual gifts and their relationship to leadership.

The Team Ministry Facilitator’s Resource Kit includes:

  • Team Ministry PowerPoint Presentation,
  • Participant Guide (in print and reproducible on CD),
  • DVD of teaching featuring Dr. Larry Gilbert,
  • the book How to Find Meaning and Fulfillment through Understanding the Spiritual Gift within You REVISED EDITION (in print and reproducible on CD),
  • Facilitator Tips,
  • Inventory Sample Pack (10 different discovery tools), and
  • 10 Spiritual Gifts Inventories (Classic Edition).
  • Note: the reproducible materials are those in PDF format on the CD.

Provide one Spiritual Gifts Inventory and one Participant Guide for each person in your group.

What Others Have Said About Team Ministry:

“I believe one of the key ingredients to building an effective, growing church is spiritual gifts. The key phrase is ‘using people where they are usable.’ If all Christians were involved according to their spiritual gifts, they would be used in ministering where they are most usable. I find that growing churches cannot be disassociated from growing Christians. Therefore, when a person has found his gifts, knows the significance of his gifts, and properly exercises his gifts, he will grow. As he grows (internal growth), then his church will grow (external growth).”

“Team Ministry by Larry Gilbert is some of the best material ever written on spiritual gifts. It will help to build a strong foundation in a local church. It will inspire leadership, motivate laypeople, and turn a church around.” –Dr. Elmer Towns

“We’ve used the Team Ministry approach through our Sunday school to inventory the spiritual gifts of several thousand of our adults and youth. It provides a practical tool for mobilizing God’s people.” –Dr. Richard Lee

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