Grandparenting DVD: 10 Inspiring Presentations for Strengthening Your Family and Passing on Your Faith

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Help Your Grandchildren Develop a Lifelong Faith in Jesus

Many powerful voices are influencing our grandchildren, from those at home and in their schools to those in the world of entertainment and media. What can you as a grandparent do to speak wisdom and godliness into their lives?

What can you as a grandparent do to speak wisdom and godliness into your grandchildren’s lives?

This Grandparenting DVD gives you a biblical foundation for investing spiritually in your grandkids, walking you through the principles of influencing them for Christ–from sharing with unbelieving grandkids to discipling them into a mature faith.

Featuring eight family ministry experts and includes over six hours of inspiring video presentations.

Perfect for individual use, small groups, and Sunday school classes, this DVD provides all that you need to help grandparents to influence their grandchildren and future generations.

Session 1:
Why Establish a Grandparent Ministry? presented by Larry Fowler
Session 2: What Is the Biblical Role of a Grandparent? presented by Josh Mulvihill
Session 3: How to Pass Faith to Future Generations presented by Calvin Harper
Session 4: Loving Grandkids in Scary Times presented by Valerie Bell
Session 5: Never Too Late: Encouraging Faith in Your Adult Children presented by Rob Rienow
Session 6: Grandparenting Through a Child’s Divorce presented by Linda Ranson Jacobs
Session 7: The Art of Single Grandparenting presented by Cathy Jacobs
Session 8: Passing on a Heritage of Faith with Enthusiasm and Joy presented by Lynda Freeman
Session 9: How to Pray and Read the Bible with Your Grandchildren presented by Rob Rienow
Session 10: Unleashing the Power of Spoken Blessing presented by Calvin Harper

Each session is approximately 30 minutes.

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This DVD also includes several sessions for leaders who want to start a grandparenting ministry in their church.

DVD Playable in DVD Region 1: United States and U.S. territories, Bermuda and Canada. Please check if your equipment can play DVDs coded for this region.

Legacy Coalition is an organization committed to equipping grandparents to reach and disciple grandchildren and helping churches minister effectively to millions of Christian grandparents who need encouragement, training, and resources.

Josh Mulvihill (PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the executive director of church and family ministry at Renewanation and has served as a pastor for nearly 20 years. He is a founding member and the director of resources for The Legacy Coalition, which is a national leader in grandparenting ministry. Josh is the author or editor of seven books on grandparenting, including Biblical Grandparenting and Equipping Grandparents, as well as Preparing Children for Marriage, and Rooted Kids Curriculum and Worship. Josh and his wife, Jen, live in Victoria, MN, and are blessed with five children.

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  • Region 1: DVD Playable in Bermuda, Canada, United States and U.S. territories. Please check if your equipment can play DVDs coded for this region.

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