The Gospel Of John: Believe and Live

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The message of the Gospel of John is underlined by the use of two key words, believe, used ninety-eight times, and life, used thirty-six times.

The Apostle John wrote with a twofold purpose—as noted in John 20:31—to communicate Christ through His miracles and teachings so men might, first, believe that Jesus was indeed who He said He was, the Son of God; and second, they might have eternal life because of their belief. In twenty-four chapters, Christ’s ministry unfolds, and the magnitude of His greatness is revealed through the discussion of His many appellations, including: the Word of God, the Savior, the Good Shepherd, the Bread of Life, the Servant, and the Resurrection.

The truths revealed in The Gospel of John will help you to better understand what God wrought through the Savior. A series of study questions at the end of each chapter is designed to enable the reader to study the details of the Revelation on their own or in a group setting.

ISBN: 9780899578125


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