God’s Special Gifts For Me REPLACED BY YOUR GIFTS FOR CHILDREN 9781570522888

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by Dr. Larry Gilbert
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A different approach to teaching spiritual gifts. This fun, lively illustrated pamphlet uses Bible characters to teach children about spiritual gifts and help them begin to see how they can also serve God though using their special gifts!
[expand title=”Read more »” swaptitle=”Read less «”] Children are eager to learn and eager to please. When you help them begin at an early age to understand how God has given Christians special gifts, they will be excited for God to use them in the capacity for which he has gifted them. As they grow physically and emotionally, give them instruction to grow spiritually as well.

Recommended for 6- to 11-year-olds. Depending on reading skill and comprehension ability, children may need assistance in reading the text and completing the brief assessment at the end. Best used as a teaching/learning tool guided by an adult such as a teacher or parent.

Includes the same 9 ministry-oriented gifts as the Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Inventory for adults and tweens/teens. Examples include the gifts of Administration, Evangelism, Exhortation, Giving, Mercy Showing, Prophecy, Serving, Shepherding, Teaching.

Includes lessons, questionnaire and scoring section in one 16-page booklet.
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ISBN: 9781570520839



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