Get Ready For Company Audio Seminar: How to Welcome Guests to Your Church, eBook Instant PDF and Audio Track Downloads ($60 value)

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Get Ready for Company is a powerful audio seminar created for church leaders and everyone who desires to gain new insights into welcoming and connecting people to their church.

Get Ready for Company will inform you…

  • how to attract and prepare for visitors,
  • how to welcome guests graciously,
  • how to follow-up guests appropriately,
  • how to build pathways of belonging and much more.

Get Ready for Company will tell you how to draw more guests and new members into your church.

Includes Dr. Gary L. McIntosh’s compelling audio seminar (4 hours and 13 minutes) and 16-page Seminar Participant Guide for note-taking…

  • You can listen to this seminar anytime and anywhere,
  • You can listen to the whole seminar at once, or break it up into seven sessions,
  • You can assemble a small or large group of people who will be entertained by Dr. McIntosh’s engaging presentation.

The 16 page Reproducible Seminar Participant Workbook is an eBook Instant PDF Download which you can print and make copies for each seminar participant for note taking.

Once purchased, you will receive an email with a link to click to download the Get Ready For Company Seminar Participant Guide eBook Instant PDF Download, a 2.4 MB PDF file, as well as a second email with a link to click to download the Get Ready For Company Audio Seminar tracks for the 4-hour seminar, a 737 MB folder containing all audio tracks. You can listen to the audio tracks online and/or download the audio tracks to any device you may desire.

Gary L. McIntosh is President of the Church Growth Network and Professor of Christian Ministry and Leadership at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. He has amassed over 27 years of consulting experience with more then 1,000 churches diagnosed and 87 different denominations served in that time. He is an author of 18 books on church growth and has written 6 manuals on pastoral ministry. Additionally, he is the editor of Growth Points newsletter and a pastor for over 15 years. Gary is listed in the “Who’s Who” in Church Growth and “Who’s Who” Among America’s Teachers. He is the recipient of the Donald A. McGavran award from the American Society for Church Growth, the Distinguished Alumni award from Colorado Christian University, The Donald A. McGavran award from Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, and the Robert B. Fisher award for Faculty Excellence at Biola University.

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View the Seminar Overview as well as the note-taking pages for Sessions 1 & 2, CLICK HERE


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