Evangelistic Letters and Emails: Reach Out to Your Community (eBook Instant PDF Download, $40 Value)

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Reach Your Community for Christ With…Evangelistic Letters and Emails

Sometimes it’s hard to put your thoughts into words, or just to find time to sit down and write what you want to say.

The authors had the busy leader in mind when they compiled these time-saving collectionsmaking it easy for you to copy, paste, edit as you desire and send your letters and emails.

When you mail a personal letter or send a personal Email, you can have a powerful impact on others who rarely receive something personally addressed to them.

Evangelistic Letters and Emails will help you to reach those you have not yet reached in your city.

Share Christ with the people and families in your neighborhood.

Attract new members from your community to your church.

Disciple new believers and involve them in your ministry.

Influence people for Christ through the personal touch of Evangelistic Letters and Emails.

These letters and emails are designed to help you put your sincere thoughts into clear words.

These 44 letters and Emails may be used by pastoral staff, Sunday school teachers, laypeople and others in the church, and they can be copied, pasted and personalized as you desire.

Use these letters and Emails as is, or develop your own letters and Emails based upon these ideas.

[expand title=”Read more »” swaptitle=”Read less «”] Topics include…

  • Letters to visitors
  • Letters to people who are new to the community
  • Letters to sick or hospitalized people
  • Follow-up visitation letters
  • Letters to prospects suggested by the congregation
  • Letters announcing evangelistic events to the congregation
  • Letters and press releases announcing evangelistic events to the community
  • Discipleship letters to new believers
  • Letters to local dignitaries
  • Appreciation letters to local elected officials and first responders
  • Letters for church members to send to unsaved children and parents
  • Letters from the pastor to church members’ unchurched loved ones

Includes: 44 letters in a 65 page eBook instant PDF download which can be opened, read and copied on any smart phone, tablet, eBook reader or computer, a 2.4 MB file. And, these letters can be edited to sent by email as well.

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ISBN: 9781570520259

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